K ing Nestor
The Wine Red Sea: Journeys of Odysseus
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King Nestor, Book III

After Telemachus agrees to stay the night with Nestor, Athena declares that she will go back to the ship to prepare for departure. Instead, she assumes the shape of an eagle and flies away. Nestor responds by saying: Dear boy-never fear you'll be a coward or defenseless, not if at your young age the gods will guard you so. Of all who dwell on Olympus, this was none but she, Zeus's daughter, the glorious one, his third born who prized your gallant father among the Argives. (III, 420-424) On the next day, Nestor gave orders that an offering be made to the gods, chief among them Athena, as he sacrificed heifers to the goddess in preparation for the journey which Telemachus would make with Psistratus, Nestor's youngest son, to Sparta home of Menelaus of the warrior-cry.
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