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K ing Nestor
The Wine Red Sea: Journeys of Odysseus
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Peace Restored, Book XXIV

Odysseus and his men, back at Laertes estate, had finished eating the good things set before them, when the man of exploits asked one of Dolius’ sons to see how things stood with the families of the suitors. He ran back saying that the men of the town were approaching, fully armed. Odysseus and his men armed themselves and strode out to meet their enemies. As Odysseus and Telemachus marched to the front of their ranks, Laertes cried out: “What a day for me, dear gods! What joy-/ my son ands my grandson vying over courage!” (XXIV 567-568). Then, Athena, disguised as Mentor, urged Laertes to throw his spear as hard as he could. The spear struck Eupithes, and he crashed to the ground. Then, Odysseus and Telemachus led the charge against their opponents, and would have killed them all. Athena, she of the aegis, called out in a loud voice, proclaiming: “Hold back, you men of Ithaca, back from brutal war!/ Break off-shed no more blood-make peace at once!” (XXIV 584-585). And the fighting stopped. And Athena handed down her pacts of peace between both sides for all the years to come- the daughter of Zeus whose shield is storm and thunder, yes, but the goddess still kept Mentor’s build and voice. (XXIV 598-602) Athena